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Our President

Nicole Piggott

President and Chief Inclusion Officer

Nicole Piggott has spent her career championing inclusive workplaces. Before taking the helm of Women of Colour Thrive, Nicole held senior leadership positions at Women in Governance, Bombardier Aerospace, RioTinto, Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOCC), and FedEx Canada. Nicole has implemented and overseen all aspects of Human Resources, from policy, programs and practices to foster more inclusive and engaged work environments and had the privilege of negotiating the first partnership agreements between IOCC and various indigenous communities in Labrador. In 2017, Nicole co-led the development of the Women in Governance Parity Certification she has since led the expansion to the U.S.A and a landmark partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA. This innovative certification evaluates parity at the decision-making level of organizations, as well as assesses the organization’s commitment to the implementation of mechanisms that enable women at all levels of its hierarchy to achieve career advancement, thus creating a pipeline of female talent. Nicole channelled her desire to support respectful, sustainable and safe practices in the mining and natural resource industries in her role as Vice-Chair of the Impact Board (formerly Partnership Africa Canada). Impact is a leader in developing programs to ensure the economic empowerment of Indigenous women in developing economies.​

Nicole is a sought after speaker and has spoken at the Shared Services Summit – Crossing the Finishing Line, Plenary Mining and Metallurgical Conference – Hub of Giants, Conference Board of Canada – Attracting and Retaining Multi-Generational Talent, Federated Press (FP) – Responding to Conflict and Improved Communication, Human Resources Association of Quebec and Ontario, Ryerson University, University of Ottawa, Guelph University, McGill University and Concordia University. She is a member of the Global Affairs Canada, Gender and Trade Advisory Group and is a member of the CN- Paul M. Tellier Chair on Business and Public Policy research project team evaluating Business-Government Cooperation on Managing COVID-19 in Canada.​

Nicole, a Jamaican Canadian, hails from a family of trailblazers who have forged systemic barriers to demonstrate the value of diversity. From a father, Glyne, who was the first Black Associate Dean at McGill University, first Black Chair of the Linguistic Dept at McGill University and a Barbadian Canadian who is an Emeritus Professor in Linguistics and an expert in Canadian Indigenous languages. Her mother, Sylvia, who co-founded the Black Academic Scholarship Fund over 25 years ago which has granted over 300 scholarships and boasts prominent and successful alumni amongst its numbers. Her sister, Adrienne, and children, Sydney and Gabrielle, all work and volunteer to create a more inclusive and sustainable society.​

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